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Life in the Millenium

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Have you ever wondered what life will be like during the Millennial reign? Here is the small picture we are given life at that time for both those resurrected, and those who had not been resurrected.

There will be a functioning priesthood on earth to offer up offerings, as well as Levites.
Isaiah 66:21 clearly states YHWH will select some to be priests and some to be Levites! While, according to Peter, we are a royal priesthood, there are still other priests set aside to serve differently than the rest of us; it would seem the Levites will also still be taking care of things as they once did as well.

We will be taught how to live according to the ways of YHWH, living as He desires us to live, following His instructions, His torah (Micah 4:2).

We will be making the pilgrimage to Jerusalem for the Feast of Tabernacles. This will also be enforced upon the whole world; those who do not obey will not have rain according to Zechariah 14:16-17.

Finally, the 7th day Sabbath of Yahweh will be kept and observed by all (Isaiah 66:23), just as promised it would be in Exodus 31. We will be living lives of worship from month to month and Sabbath to Sabbath.

Consider a perspective about obedience to His instructions today as presented in our 119 Thought, 1000 Years of Bondage.

What else can you find in Scripture about life during the millennium? Share your thoughts below about the video and anything else you find in Scripture regarding life during the millennium.

Watch 1000 Years of Bondage and then give us your thoughts!