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Welcome to the project introduction page for 119’s documentary, “Christmas on Trial.”  For details about the project, please see the letter posted below the teaser.

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Shalom friends of 119 Ministries,

119’s teachings are constantly audited to ensure an accurate scriptural and historical presentation.  Each teaching goes through this process every 3-4 years and the result is as a republished “remastered” teaching. Every time you see a “remastered” release, it is a teaching that has been examined and retested.

As you may or may not know, we removed our popular “Sunburned” teaching from 119 channels some time ago. We pulled that teaching, not because we agree with celebrating Christmas or Easter (hopefully nobody thought that), but because some things were presented as fact in the teaching that after re-examining were more speculative in nature.

Some, when presented with a series of patterns and historical circumstances pertaining to the pagan relationships of Christmas or Easter, immediately connect the dots, and the picture of the relationship is clear.

Others demand “proof” and “documentation” from historical witnesses stating the intent to incorporate pagan elements into these traditional Christian holidays. The fact remains that in surveying historical evidences, there exists no record of direct intent to infuse pagan traditions into these Christian holidays. But, do we need it?


For those that simply connect the dots, no, it is not likely needed. However, for those who scream “where’s the proof?” and “show me the primary sources!”, such are those that may require an adjusted presentation.

In recognizing the need for this adjusted presentation, and to serve both groups, we would like to introduce to you the launching of a new 119 Ministries series tentatively titled: “Christmas on Trial.” (and later “Easter on Trial”). The end result of both of these projects will replace the teaching formally known as Sunburned. At the moment, our focus will be centered on “Christmas on Trial (Working Title).”

What are the details?

The format of this series will be unlike anything produced to date from 119 Ministries. This series will be offered as a professional documentary, using a court process as the theme with both a Prosecution and a Defense team.  We do not expect a 119 face to be present in the documentary.

Christmas will be accused of breaking Deuteronomy 12:31 (worshiping YHWH similar to the ways false gods were worshiped) and facilitating worship that is not done in “spirit and truth” (John 4:24).

Witnesses will be brought forth in the form of esteemed academic scholars, archeologists, and various subject matter experts to support the charges. It is the expectation that most of the evidence will be pattern based and circumstantial, lending to the conclusion that Christmas is not only possibly guilty of the charges at hand, but perhaps, beyond a reasonable doubt.

In many criminal cases, various details and motives may be unknown. In the absence of information, it is the job of every criminal investigator to make educated guesses based on the available information and present his findings to a jury. Likewise, historians are often forced to make educated guesses to account for the lack of documentation.

The prosecution’s closing remarks will state that it is not necessary to absolutely “prove” the guilt of Christmas, but that we only need to raise the possibility, if not the likelihood, that Christmas is guilty of these charges.


Because if there is even the remote chance that Christmas is guilty of these things, then there is also the remote chance that we are sinning against our Creator, offending him, only for the sake and justification of the pleasure in man-made traditions.

If there was a chance that your actions would commit murder, would you still do it?

If there was a chance that your actions would cause theft, would you still do it?

If there was a chance that your actions were sin, would you make every attempt to avoid it?

For those who love YHWH, the answers to those questions should be obvious.

In this analogy, we in the faith should be expected to avoid Christmas, and our focus should be on the holidays YHWH provided to us in Leviticus 23.

Even if the traditions of Christmas cannot be 100% proved to be originating from the practices of worshiping false gods, we certainly intend to show you, the jury, that such a relationship is highly suspect. 

The prosecution will rest on this, and ask the audience to be the judge...Is worshiping YHWH in 100% spirit and truth, and thus abandoning Christmas, the direction those in the faith should proceed?

Christmas will equally be afforded a defense and supportive witnesses against the charges at hand.

Why is this project important?

Sunburned was our most popular teaching, and it was relatively crude in production. If we do this right, we could reach infinitely more people on this topic, which happens to be a gateway subject into walking in the whole Word.

We expect this to be the most important project in which we have ever embarked, and our effort, resources, and time invested into this project will certainly reflect that. We expect that the end result will also make such rather clear.

How can you be involved?

This will be no small project. We will be partnering with experts familiar with creating professional documentaries. We will be outsourcing additional talents in the fields of voice over, possibly semi-professional actors, editing, etc. There will be travel and equipment expenses specific to gathering the necessary scholarly interviews. There will be costs associated with rights to graphics and media copy. The editing process alone will require a number of hands and a significant degree of labor.

Because we know so many are eager to see this project’s end become a reality, we will be proceeding as quickly as time and resources allow, without sacrificing the quality of the end result.

Those who support 119 will be considered actively involved with this project and will be privy to direct updates and unique content, as they should.

Those that have partnered with 119 Ministries in their offering of support within the last 12 months going forward from 1/1/18 will receive frequent communications as to the status of the project at every step, behind-the-scenes material, full interviews, pre-release material and more. These things will be offered in appreciation to those are supporting this project, and consequently all 119 teachings.

Just as with any 119 Ministries video offering, the “Christmas on Trial Series” will be made available free of charge through all 119 channels.

We expect the financial impact to 119 to be neutral. If we proceed a little too far in the negative, we will simply pause production until we are once again able to move forward.

We ask that you keep this project in your prayers, and that it yields glory to YHWH in every way possible.

What is the timing?

119 Ministries is currently in the process of moving the 119 Studio, which has caused some slowing down of our momentum. We also desire to maintain our current pattern of releasing new or remastered teachings each and every week.

The project plan is currently in development and will be shared with 119 partners for feedback as early as January.

Thank you!

We want to thank you for your patience following the removing of our popular Sunburned videos. We understand that there is now a gap in our teaching library pertaining to this crucial topic. We expect that this project will surpass expectations and do well in serving those in the Messiah. The 119 Ministries team thanks you for your support and prayers.

For any questions specific to this project, or anything else, please feel free to contact us at 

May YHWH bless you and yours, and may all we do together glorify Him.

119 Ministries Staff

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