Iron Sharpens Iron

Iron Sharpens Iron

For those who aren't aware, 119 Ministries does not know everything, nor do we have all of the answers!. And guess what, our's limited too!.

Our current teaching request list already equates to at least 3-4 years of work, and it continues to grow. While that is a great problem for us to have, it means that we can't get to everything as quickly as we'd like.

But, Iron Sharpens Iron, right? (Proverbs 27:17)

So we're inviting you to work with us in bringing the truth of the whole Word to the nations faster.  The “Iron Sharpens Iron” program is designed to share the workload of researching topics and enable us to release teachings more quickly. If there are any teachings you feel are missing from the 119 teaching library, and you feel you have a message or teaching that would serve the body well, then send it to us! We could make it into a free teaching for all.


If there is a topic you feel is lacking from our current video teaching library, do your own in depth study of the topic, and then write a transcript using one of the templates below (MS Word or Pages file formats only) and a have a Maximum of 5,000 Words.  Cite all claims and support whether it be directly from Scripture (include translation please) or other from subject matter experts.  Provide any links, titles and authors that you are referencing.

Then submit the properly formatted and completed teaching to us via email at:  with the subject header: Iron Sharpens Iron - (Insert the name of your teaching here).  It's just that simple!  

As time allows, a member of our staff will read each teaching.  As a team we will select and prioritize the scripts that we feel would serve His people the best.  If we turn the script into a teaching, we can publicly cite and credit your name or ministry in the teaching if your request it.

All scripts and related teaching material is owned and protected under copyright law by 119 Ministries once submitted and recorded.

If we make any changes or suggestions to the script, we will send it back for your review.   

Iron Sharpens Iron Template for MS Word

Iron Sharpens Iron Template for Pages

  • Pray First and throughout your writing process for the Creator to guide your words and research
  • Write the teaching as though you are talking to friends and family, because you are!
  • Write the teaching as a conversation, not a research paper
  • Be Patient -  It could be weeks or months before we are even able to respond.

Please don’t hate us if we do not select or agree with your teaching, or don’t consider it high priority for immediate publication. Even teachings 119 teachers write on occasion are rejected by the 119 team at large and are never published. (we have many variables to consider).

If you have any ideas on how to improve this program or other questions relating to it, please let us know via email at:

We believe this program could serve very well to accelerate quality teachings available from 119 to serve you, your loved ones and the nations.