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Answering Your Questions - (Circumcision, Long Hair, Tzitzits, Wedding Rings, the Septuagint, and more)

Feb 26, 2021 119 Ministries

In this video series we want to look at the most common things asked and publicly begin answering your questions for the benefit of everyone to hear and to test themselves. In this presentation we are going to respond to the questions:

  • Why didn’t the Israelites circumcise their children while in the wilderness?
  • If they were uncircumcised in the wilderness then how can we say they kept the Passover since that would be a sin?
  • Does the Bible say men cannot have long hair or is it that women cannot have cut hair?
  • Is the tzitzit commandment just for men?
  • Judaism doesn’t allow women to wear tzitzit, is this supported by the Bible?
  • Are wedding rings okay?
  • How reliable is the Septuagint?

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