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119 Ministries Current Year-to-Date (Updated the First of Each Month)

Note: Beginning January 1, 2019, 119 Ministries changed a PT researcher to FT, and brought on board a new video editor which has increase our operating budget. These positions were identified as needed to maintain/increase regular teaching production going forward and to support ongoing and planned future projects.

Christmas Documentary Fund
Total Raised: $63,460.

The Christmas Question Documentary is now over 100% funded (Hooray!!!). Any funds received beyond the projected budget will be available should the projected exceed budget. If the project meets budget or is under budget, the remaining funds will role into 119’s general fund for ongoing teaching production or other future projects.

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How to Give

For your convenience, we provide multiple ways to give:

If your financial information is not based in the United States of America, we have found that PayPal works best for international support either as a one time gift or regular automatic giving. You are not required to have a PayPal account to support 119 Ministries through PayPal.

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A Note From 119 Ministries
Many are surprised to learn that it takes about 6-8 hours of collective labor for every 1 minute of video teaching we produce and publish, plus other creation and website costs. It is our goal to continue to offer everything free over the Internet in the highest practical quality. 

If 119 Ministries offers value to you and you would like to see us continue in our mission and vision as it relates to the spreading of His WHOLE Word to all the nations, then you might have an interest in considering becoming a regular monthly supporter of 119 Ministries. This affords many others to receive the free content this ministry offers. 

Considering a Donation to 119 Ministries?

First of all, thank you for your generosity and your willingness to support our ministry of "Testing Everything" by becoming a regular 119 Ministries’ supporter. We are honored by the trust your gift demonstrates, and we are grateful for your shared commitment to God's whole Word and desire to share all of it with the nations along with us.

Your gift can help in many ways. It can help cover advertising expenses, studio support and maintenance, licenses, hard copy resource distribution, etc. Your regular donation supports the families directly involved with 119 Ministries and allows more time and labor to be invested back into the ministry where a difference can be made. Ideally, this would enable us to generate higher quality teachings and resources more quickly for all.

We take seriously our Yahweh-given responsibility to be a wise, honorable steward of every donation we receive. We understand that the resources we receive from His people that are offered with intent to be used for His purposes will certainly be a part of the judgment we receive in the end. We have every desire to maximize and leverage all resources afforded to us in the most efficient way possible to further His kingdom.

Thanks again for your gracious, thoughtful support of 119 Ministries. As always, if you have any questions, please contact us.


119 Ministries Leadership

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