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Meat Sacrificed To Idols

Jan 18

Meat sacrificed to idols would appear to be an issue of the past and not something believers in the faith must deal with today. But what about the issue of Halal?

Parashah Points: Beshalach – Why Sing?

Jan 13

Singing has always been an important part of the praise and worship of the Creator. Here are a few reasons why you may also want to sing praises to YHWH and learn the songs recorded in Scripture such as the Song of Moses in Exodus 15.

Latest Article

Why God’s Name is Not Yehovah

Jun 5

The pronunciation of the Creator's name is hotly debated, but there are...

The Great Commission - What Does It Really Mean?

Nov 25

The Great Commission, just evangelizing?

2 Corinthians 3:7-8 – Exactly What Came to an End, the Glory or God’s Law?

Nov 24

What did Paul mean when he referred to the former glory fading?

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