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February 12, 2013


MingledSeed.com is a consortium of faith based presenters with individual autonomy under the scriptures, solely. All of the presenters are lead by faith and have agreed to participate in the events without a predetermined fee of any kind, including travel expenses. They have, in various ways, expressed genuine concern regarding the way things are going in this rapidly changing world. Coming from different backgrounds one would expect that not everyone here agrees on everything. During each of the conferences there will be an open microphone Q&A session so that presenters and participants alike can submit themselves one to another under the scriptures.

Just as there are many different types of people that attend these conferences, there are many communities represented by the presenters. Perhaps we can get along as we learn to walk in agreement in the wordseed though that is difficult for the fleshseed.

Each of the presenters bring unique expertise in their genre of study but more importantly…they love people and are willing to do this for free. If you see a need or specific discipline that would add to the topics below please let us know. This list is growing, daily. Those of you that “know Jesus” don’t quit learning now and those of you that “know Y’shua” don’t use your knowledge to hurt others. Please share this site with someone you love.

Bible Prophecy
Hebrew Scriptures
New Age
Emergent Church
Babylonian Religion
The Occult
New Testament Apologetics
Ancient Cultures
Semitic Language: Hebrew, Aramaic, Arabic
Emergency Preparedness
Efficient Living
Health, Wellness & Dietary
Praise & Worship
Biblical Astronomy
Creation vs. Evilution
and more…

Thank you,
MingledSeed.com Team