History of 119

Established in 2010, 119 Ministries is a non-profit ministry consisting of teachers, a few other paid staff, and a collection of international volunteers who assist with administrative and logistical operations.  Using minimal staff aids our efforts to effectively deliver free quality teachings to all. 

119 Ministries desires to be only focused on the truth of His Word, and not on any person or any organization. 

119 desires others to focus more on what is being said and testing it to the Word, versus the people making the presentation. 

As it relates to our credibility, we readily admit that we have none. We simply study His Word and teach what we believe to be truth. It is our desire to receive no attention or notoriety. Our teachings are simply the result of our passion for the Word and our Creator. 

The 119 Studio and Headquarters is located in Missouri. However, we do not have a location that is open to visitors. Our team is spread throughout the country.

119 Ministries is continuously working on trying to minimize our costs and maximize our output to deliver teachings efficiently and as quickly as possible.

119 Ministries also locally supports the homeless, elderly, widows, and orphans in various capacities. 

119 freely shares as much as it can...and fully intends to continue to do so, as long as Yahweh allows this ministry to perform this role.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them by contacting 119 Ministries at info@119ministries.com

-- May Yahweh bless you in walking in the whole Word of God...