119 Ministries 501c3 Status

Is 119 Ministries A 501c3 Organization?

119 Ministries is a 501c3 organization.  501c3 is a process in which a religious organization is permitted to financially separate itself from the U.S. government (like a Certificate of Divorce).  This “divorce" from the U.S. allows an organization such as 119 Ministries to not have to use God's resources to support programs such as abortion and other similar government funded programs.

This also forces us to be publicly accountable by filing legal financial records publicly with the IRS, proving that 119 Ministries is indeed a religious organization and that resources coming into 119 Ministries are not inappropriately benefiting any individual.  

There are misconceptions that exists that 501c3 marries an organization to the government, or that the government begins to intervene in the mission and agenda of the religious organization. These are simply myths.

The reality is that the government would prefer us to not be 501c3, as they would then be entitled to resources donated to 119 Ministries and more of your resources as well, all in the form of taxes.  119 Ministries is also NOT a "Church" organization, so we do not automatically qualify for tax exempt status but instead have to prove our vision and mission is within the scope of religious and charity work.  Because we will be judged in the end on how we handled Yah's resources, we have chosen to retain more of His resources for His Kingdom for His glory, instead of handing it to a governmental system unnecessarily.  

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