Torah Training

If you say sin sacrifices, resting on the Sabbath, eating clean, or following the Torah are just for the Jews, both Messiah and the rest of Scripture disagree with you.  

There are a lot of manmade traditions that are Jewish, but there are commands from God for all to follow as well.  Without reading and studying the Whole Word of God from Genesis to Revelation, you may not be able to tell the truth from the traditions.  Even if you were to memorize the whole Bible, you could still misunderstand it if you do not understand the Hebrew Roots of the Bible.

The Bible was written primarily in Hebrew by Hebrews, so it makes sense to understand the Hebraic perspective when attempting to read the Bible.  It is our desire to reveal the truth of the Word and dispell common misconceptions about what the Bible does and doesn't actually say.

Through our Torah Training Center, we provide a guided journey through portions of our teaching library as they pertain to different topics and understandings of Scripture.  This service is provides teachings direct to your email for you to watch and test each week.  

Do you want to serve your Creator in a way that pleases Him?
Do you want to show God how much you love Him?

Then join us in discovering the Hebrew Roots of Scripture and learn how your Creator desires you to live according to His own word.

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Journeys Available:

Hebrew Roots 101 - The Basics

Hebrew Roots 102 - Clearing the Confusion (NOW AVAILABLE!)

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you in this way.