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A New Purim?

The megillah (story) of Esther (hidden star) was read throughout the world by many of the Jewish faith this week to remember the festival of Purim. A fast was called to open the doors of heaven for a miracle during that time. The storyline was about an egotistical, arrogant adviser to the king, named Haman, who devised a plan to exterminate all the Jews in the land of Persia (which is modern day Iran). The unlikely hero of the story was a young Jewish girl named Hadassah (a myrtle branch) who was called upon by her uncle Mordechai to go before the King, against protocol and intercede for her people. This theme has played out many times in history, and it seems as if we are on the verge of witnessing the opening act once again.

This week, the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, traveled to the United States, breaking protocol, and stood before a divided House. He came, for such a time as this, to plead his case for his people against another Haman. Benjamin (son of the Right Hand) Netanyahu's  (the gift of the Lord or YAHWEH has given), a gift that came to this land, presented his case with strength and conviction, but in the end, must leave the 'lot' in the hands of the Supreme Power.

The sages say that the story of Esther and Mordechai is all about lots …. or chances and fate. But whose chances or lots are we really talking about? Is it only the lots that Haman thought he cast?  He took great care to design extensive plans and carefully measured all his ideas so that the lots were cast in his favor…. it looked as if he had everything perfectly executed. But one thing he could not do, nor can any of us …. was to control the end result! The consequences, no matter how well the plan is executed, can never be predicted with perfect accuracy!

The ‘hidden hand’ of the Almighty causes all things to work out for HIS purposes … and His purposes are only seen in the consequences of man’s actions. The hidden hand in the destiny of mankind, the gift of Yahweh reaches out to save His people in the most precarious of times.  So no matter what the world looks like, no matter what lots are cast or by whom, no matter what the outcome may appear to be, the deciding vote is always cast from above.

So we must look carefully at the events being played out again and ask ourselves …. are we at that time in history where the lots have been cast and we are now waiting for the final vote? If that is the case, are you ready.....for such a time as this?