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Christ: The Way

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Have you ever stopped to wonder what exactly Christ was meaning when he told us that he was "the way" in John 14:6? For most of us it's obvious, it means he's the only way to the Father right? No one can get to the Father but through Christ. So, of course, that's what he meant....right? Right! We completely agree, but do you think it's possible that maybe there is more to it than that? Are there not many different levels to all of Scripture? 

Christ is the WAY! Sounds obvious right? It wasn't that Christ is just the path to the Father, but that he is "The Way"! Let's begin defining what the word “way” means in english according to dictionary.com:
1- manner, mode, or fashion: a new way of looking at a matter; to reply in a polite way. 
2- characteristic or habitual manner: Her way is to work quietly and never complai3- a method, plan, or means for attaining a goal: to find a way to reduce costs.
4- a respect or particular: The plan is defective in several ways.
5- a direction or vicinity: Look this way. We're having a drought out our way.

There you have it. Christ is the manner/mode/fashion of the bible. He is the Word, through the Word we should filter all things. He is the characteristic or habitual manner of what the Word of God says and is. He personifies the Word. He is, in the way he lived, the method, plan, or means of attaining salvation; it's impossible without him. His life, how he lived is how we are supposed to live.  He is the direction or vicinity in which we need to turn our lives. He is the WAY! In every way!

Perhaps that isn't enough, so let's look at the Greek word, hodos (G3598) according to Strongs on blueletterbible.com:
1) properly
a) a travelled way, road
b) a travellers way, journey, travelling
2) metaph.
a) a course of conduct
b) a way (i.e. manner) of thinking, feeling, deciding
In John 14, Christ is telling us that he's the road, the journey. Yet, at the same time, he's the course of conduct, our example on the way we should act and live our lives. He is our way of thinking, how we should feel and what we make decisions based off of. Christ really is "The Way" in every way! He is the path to salvation; he is the path to God. He is our example of how to live; we should be following all of God's commandments just as he did. He showed us the way to live, the life course to follow, how our behaviors should be. Christ is the way which is truth and life, the narrow way as told in Matthew 7:13-14. Christ is the answer to lead us to God in how we live, the path we take, and what our measuring stick is. So, live as Christ did, following the whole word of God, not just part of it...after all, Christ is the Way! If the manner in which he lived is the way we should live, then we certainly can't remove any part of it after he died and rose again. If that was the case, then the way changed. We know it didn't as Christ is still the way, both before and after his death and resurrection. Look to Christ, the Living Word, the example of how to live and you will find yourself closer to the Father.
So, the next time you read about Christ being the Way, or where we are told about "the way" to go or to live, think of Christ. Don't just go by what the surface tells you, what you read, instead go by what he said.