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What if God Told Us to Wear Seatbelts?

What If God Told Us to Wear Seatbelts?

Why would it be easy to misunderstand a man like Paul, who is trying to counter all of the ways that people have twisted and complicated some very simply Commandments?

2nd Peter 3:16 warns about people taking Paul's difficult words to teach Lawlessness, making the "error of the lawless."

For example, what if God told us to simply wear seatbelts when in a vehicle? Look at all of the things people would do with that Command, and then you try to counter them without being misunderstood 2,000 years and 3 language translations later when being read by people from a different country!

What if God told us to Wear our Seatbelts when in a Vehicle?

by Jason Caissie, Brian-Asriel Newman and Richard Thornhill

I say that Yeshua (Jesus) Fulfilled the Seatbelt Law (Properly showed us HOW to wear it); that breaking God's Traffic Laws are sin, and if we keeping breaking them He will no longer pay our fines or fix our cars and bodies when we wreck them breaking His Laws.

1. Some will have 2 shoulder straps to show how righteous they are and teach others to do the same.

2. Some will look at others that are not wearing their seatbelts and say, "look at that wicked sinner,".

3. Some will try to figure out some spiritual meaning. They might say, "This really means that we should always be in the arms of Jesus when we go places"....but they will refuse to wear a seatbelt.

4. Some will say, "Well, that is one interpretation of that verse, but our thoughts are not like God's thoughts, so we can't be for sure what he meant" (and they will not wear the seatbelt).
(The Lukewarm)

5. Some will say, "This yoke of bondage is too much for me to handle, thank God for 'grace' so I don't have to do this".
(Those who use grace as a license to sin)

6. Some will make sure their vehicles have special doors so that their seat belt stays on them after they park, until they exit the vehicle.

7. Some will have a special belt made for their pants so their lap will always be covered by a belt when they sit down (seat belt).

8. Some will refuse to go on long plane rides or bus rides because they just might have to get up from their seat for a few minutes to go to the bathroom.

9. Some will not drive anywhere, because they will be sitting around forever trying to figure out every "what-if" scenario possible before getting into a vehicle.

10. Some will have to ask their Rabbi what is the correct interpretation of a seatbelt, and what aspects of wearing a seatbelt could violate rabbinical law?
(Orthodox Jews)

11. Some will also have to ask their super- preacher what time honored yet unBiblical church tradition wearing a seatbelt might violate, even though it is commanded in the Bible?
(Those who say "I follow Paul", or" I follow Apollos" -denominationalist and those in the personality cults of super-preachers )

12. Some will wait on the Pope to instruct them to wear a seatbelt after the customs of the pagan before they believe wearing a seatbelt is valid on special sun god worship days.
(The Nicolaitians)

13. Still others will sell you a seatbelt on TBN for the suggested "Love Offering" that has been prayed over by Benny Hinn on his private jet, on his way to Hawaii using your grandmother's social security check she mailed to him.
(Simon Magus and his synagogue of Satan)

14. Others will ask if Paul wore a seatbelt, and if Paul wore a seatbelt, then they will conclude that the scripture that says to wear seatbelts cannot be part of the Canon.

15. Some will say that seatbelts are only for Jews. and God didn't love anyone else enough to instruct them to wear seatbelts (Talmudic Rabbis)

16. Some will say that Gentiles only have to wear the seatbelt around the waist, without the one that goes around the shoulder.

17. Some will say that you can't be saved unless the tip of seatbelt buckle is clipped off. (Judaizers)

18. Some will say that God gave the seatbelt as a curse on the Jews. (Martin Luther).

19. Some will say that if you eat lunch with someone who doesn't wear a seatbelt, they will kick you out of their civic club (such as the Pharisees did with those who ate with Gentiles).

20. Some will ask if grandma and grandpa wore seatbelts and then they will refuse because its "not our culture today"

21. Some will ask if grandma and grandpa wore seatbelts and then refuse if they didn't, it isn't their "Tradition."

22. Some say that if you don't pronounce the word "seatbelt" with its proper Hebrew spelling and pronunciation (according to them), despite the complete lack of vowels in Hebrew, then you cannot be saved and the seatbelt will do you no good.
(Sacred Namers).

23. Some say that as long as you wear SOMETHING around your waist, even if its a hoola-hoop, it doesn't matter in a car crash (universalist).

24. Some will say that as long as you "love the other drivers" there is no need for seatbelt.

25. Some will say that since the Messiah wore His seatbelt, then we don't have to. He 'fulfilled the seatbelt Law".

26. Some will say that since we don't have our fines paid by wearing a seatbelt, it serves no purpose.

27. Some say that since our fines have been paid by the judge, we are free to not wear our seatbelts all over again.

28. Some will say that you can not wear a seatbelt all you want, and some charismatic pastor will heal you every time you get hospitalized from a wreck without a seatbelt so it doesn't matter.

29. Some will say that the seatbelt law is for one people of God and not for the other people of God. (dispensationalists)

30. Some will think, "Why did God want me to wear this? Maybe because he is looking after my wellbeing and wants to protect me from car crashes. I will not only wear my seatbelt, but I will try better to be a safe driver, for myself, my family, and others." (Many groups will fault this group for taking God's instructions, "literally". They will tell this group that they are putting them in bondage, back under the law, and causing people to lose their salvation).


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