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Time: The Foundation - Part 3

Oct 18, 2013 119 Ministries

In Time: Our Creator's Calendar - The Foundation Part 3, discover the foundation of what the TANAKH, the Old Testament, taught on the calendar, and watch in amazement in witnessing how Yeshua perfectly agreed and taught us exactly the same thing. If you have ever been frustrated and confused about the overwhelming conflicting information about calculating Yahweh’s calendar, then perhaps relief is now available. 

Important Note:
We have made one change in our calendar calculation method that is not yet reflected in this video.

We now place the first day of the first month beginning the evening following the
conjunction if the conjunction occurs during the day in Jerusalem. If the conjunction
occurs at night in Jerusalem, then it is that same evening/night that begins the first day of
the first month. This is to take into account that the sun, moon, and stars are to be visual
signs and the lunar conjunction can only be witnessed at night, which is why the Torah
states “the moon rules over the night.(Genesis 1:14-18)” We did not take that into
account in the calendar series and it needs to be eventually updated. This is the ONLY
change for the series, and everything else is still how we teach it.

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